Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good stuff

When I think about what Paula Deen would have done if she were given this opportunity, at least at my age and place in life, I feel ashamed that I walked away with only four boxes (pounds) of unsalted butter. I think I bake enough to merit four more boxes at this price point. Anyway, I wasn't even expecting butter to be on sale (I checked the circulars), so when I saw this price tag, I just leaned over the refrigerator container and admired it. Then I took this photo with my phone, and then I just couldn't stop marveling that I had to tweet and blog about it. I might have to call my mom in case she doesn't know, though she probably does (but then why didn't I get a call?!).

In other news, I think last night's episode of Glee was one of the best of this season so far. I haven't been obsessively watching like I did for season one, mostly because I didn't get the iTunes season pass for it, but also because I feel like the writers of the show are aware of its massive success and popularity. Maybe the episodes evolve around the musical themes more, and less around the characters? I don't know. But damn, those Warblers are just killing it every episode! I can't believe they did a Robin Thicke song, long-haried, vintage Thicke, no less! I was hoping to see the original version of "When I Get You Alone" in the Top 50 singles on iTunes, but I have a feeling that looking up the single under "Robin Thicke" and getting nothing, while the single actually hides under the artist name "Thicke," has something to do with it. And the fact that Glee Cast songs do better than originals. Anyway. And finally, I saw the old Rachel of season one last night when she and Finn were talking towards the end, and when she sang "Firework" to herself in her mirror at home with her brush as the mic. It was like when she sang "On My Own," at home and in her Glee audition, except she wasn't depressed and sad and solitarily slushied all the time. And her dresses! The green one with the bows, the pink one with the black prints of who knows what! If/when I get that episode in HD, I will obsessively try to find the most flattering frame of her in them and the maybe scour the internet in hopes of finding them or something similar. And then I will post myself trying to look like as hopeful as Rachel Berry, maybe as the snow melts and spring approaches.

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