Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red nails

I'm not in despair. I thought my hair would serve as the best background to picture my nails using Photobooth. I got them done yesterday.

I've been recording, more or less, what I've been up to today, as Richard did in this post. Naturally, this being a public log of my text and photos, I've picked an anomalously productive day to share. It will be a good comparison to yesterday, where I woke up at 10AM, called Salon Moka to make an appointment on whim, called my mom to see if she was free to take me to my appointment (she was), got some puppy news, read four pages of philosophy, watered the backyard for about 20 minutes, went to my appointment with my mom while she meandered in K-Mart (she said it was fun), and then went to the French bakery for the second day in a row, this time to hoard croissants (split douze with my mom, she paid for most), and then came home and watched an episode of "Nodame Cantabile." When Mordecai came home we made dinner (mozzarella, tomato, basil with balsamic vinegar on herb baguettes), watched World Series Game 1, went to the grocery, watched the rest of the game, and then we prepared for bed and I watched the second to last episode of Nodame before falling asleep around 1AM to what I think is Schubert's piano sonata no.16, but who knows what I play in my head. Lots of "tun tun tuns" and "tah rah rahs."

Remember when blogs used to be about sharing what you did today? haha.

More posts to come!

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