Friday, August 27, 2010

Stolen images

I'm not sure what the law exactly states in Japan, but I believe that I was somewhat unlawful by taking these pictures above, and I continue to be so as I post these onto a public blog. In Japan, all cell phones, including iPhones, are rigged so that you can't turn the shutter sound off when you take a picture. The phones always makes a distinct sound, like a photo is being taken with an SLR. So everyone was surprised that I could turn the camera sound off on my phone when I put it on silent. I took advantage of this discrepancy and snapped away, though not up girls' skirts' or whatever the male equivalent would be, which is what the law and the pre-rigging of phones are meant to prevent. (At one point I refrained from taking a picture of a cute but very young girl holding a stuffed angry Pokemon about a third of her size. It was a great image, so it was hard to resist but I did.)

We have here a female eki-in, or station master, at Yokohama station for the Keikyu line. Maybe she's not exactly the master, but that's a cool title to aim for. Then there's a surgeon, who operated on a close family friend's father. Though he looked oompa loompa-ish, he was totally on top of things. And then it turned out that "elevator girls" still exist! The department store Sogo apparently cannot afford them, but eternal rival Takashimaya can. They should look into recruiting "elevator boys."


Marti said...

I had never heard of a JP camera phone sound law - super interesting!

kei said...

I should probably look into this law and its details; all I know is that when people discover my phone on silent doesn't make the shutter sound, they use sort of extreme words to describe their shock: it's not allowed, permitted, etc. Not unlike the "ooooooooh" in kindergarten, but for adults!