Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gratuitous Photo Friday

There isn't a whole lot of Beni-ness to my hair anymore, but as long as my head doesn't get all mushroom-like, that's OK.

It's been really warm the past couple of days in Chicago. Mordecai had the day off today and I finished teaching at noon. We walked to Provenance for macarons, but they were sold out. The guy promised me a box of four for tomorrow. Many people have been sending me articles about macarons--Jade, Naomi, my dad--and I'm pleased to read about more options in Chicago. Last year around this time, the only place I knew that provided macarons was Vanille. Hopefully I'll make my own oddly-shaped ones again soon!

It's late, I should go to bed. Most nights though, I have a hard time falling asleep because I'm so excited about baseball starting again.


Phoebe said...

The shirt! Where did you find this?

kei said...

It's a Saint James shirt! My dad has one, so I asked him for one this past Christmas. I might have to make it a yearly tradition to ask for one, because there are many cute variations but they are so so so expensive T_T

I think this is the one I have:

Phoebe said...

It's lovely! I suspected that was the make, having recently combed H&M and Uniqlo and found nothing quite like it. (I do, however, have striped socks that color scheme from Belgium, the only shopping the euro allows.)