Monday, March 08, 2010

The Wire

So I'm going through one of those obsession phases of mine, except this time, it's an obsession I can only take so far. Since about the beginning of the year, Mordecai and I started watching "The Wire," first through Netflix. Around the second season, it became apparent that we/I needed the series on DVD, and Amazon was selling it for half the listed price. So now, we've got the whole series, have watched the whole series, and I'm watching it all over again right now. I'm back on season three.

I say I can only take my obsession so far because usually, when I become obsessed, there is something I can actively do to express my infatuation. For instance, with Nodame, I started piano, cut my hair like her's, and dressed like her. With baseball, I poured my soul into Photoshop collages, baseball cards, and fantasy. But "The Wire"? I don't want to sell drugs, chase after drug dealers or ring-leaders, legalize drugs, obey a chain of command, reform a wretched city, teach in a public elementary school, go after or be apart of a failing union, snitch, be murdered, be a lying journalist, and so on. I admit that there is something morbidly alluring about being a "deductive motherfucker" in a busy homicide unit, but I really am grateful for the naive and relatively carefree lifestyle I lead.


But Mordecai pointed out to me that 47th and Halsted, near where the stockyards used to be (I just refer to the area as "the jungle," like the book), there are a bunch of shipping cans, JUST LIKE THE ONES IN SEASON TWO! These are the shipping containers that were used to smuggle Eastern European women/prostitutes and Proposition Joe's heroin and cocaine. No one seems to care about this season of "The Wire" because the target is no longer on the street, and the street is more interesting than the docks, but I loved this season. Anyway, Mordecai told me about these cans when we went through season two the first time, but like with many his stories about Chicago's industrial tidbits, the information went in one ear and out the other. We just finished season two the second time around, and Mordecai mentioned the containers on 47th again, except this time, I made him take me there.

All of these containers looked like they were originally from the Barbados. There weren't any custom seals from what I could tell, but there's a reference to one, which Beadie would see if is broken!

These containers look like they are just stacked at 47th and Racine for storage purposes. They aren't guarded and they're no doubt empty, some of them with their doors hanging open. So we wandered around, wondering if there were going to be any German Shepherds or police coming after us out of nowhere. Nothing happened, except that my camera battery died earlier than I would've liked. And yes, those are Uggs, and yes, they are awesome.

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sheffy said...

if you drive near 32nd and Pulaski behind the Comm Ed building you'll see some containers there. I use to have interesting games of tag there when i was in high school