Friday, January 15, 2010

My First Macarons

More on how the non-disastrous and non-stressful the process was! Full photographic report to come.


Richard said...

dzang! make me some (are there non-sweet versions?)

Jenni said...


kei said...

Richard: I'm not confident that there are non-sweet versions just because I know that every batch, regardless of flavor, uses a ton of both powdered and granulated sugar. And then whatever goes in between (buttercream, jam, red bean paste, etc.) usually calls for a lot of sugar or has a lot in it. But I would think that some flavors might seem less sweet: green tea, roasted soy bean (kinako), black tea maybe? Did you have any at the wedding?

Jenni: I wish I could ship them but they're SO DELICATE! You'll have to come to Chicago again!!

pink horrorshow said...

I love baking but I have just not even bothered to try and make my own yet. That cookbook looks adorable though..I've never heard of it.

Kiyo said...

Thanks for the comment! I use Canon Kiss.
Those macarons look really tasty! Can't wait for the full report :)