Friday, December 18, 2009

Life is juicy juicy

  • Recently visited Richard's beloved Metropolis Cafe. At least I think he's praised it before.
  • I found this article via Alicia Keys' Twitter. It's interesting to hear the background story of her latest album, "The Element of Freedom." Here's a little snippet of an interview with recording engineer, album coordinator, and studio designer Ann Mincieli:

What do you think Alicia got out of expanding her palette with so many new and different synths? Was that inspiring for her as a songwriter?

Yes! It allowed her to paint a picture. We have class before every album. On this album, we decided that instead of trying to learn the synths while we’re on sessions, like we did on As I Am, we spent two months with the manuals, figuring out how everything worked — and by doing that, it unlocked all these sounds, and inspired her to write certain things she would have never come up with.

Two months in Alicia's custom studio "The Oven" just playing around with instruments that come with manuals! Sounds like heaven. Also, I like Alicia's hair here--it looks so fresh and clean. I think I might mimic it next Wednesday. My hair is long, but horribly damaged.


  • Thanks to my "Legacy" status in Honey B. Fly, Mariah Carey's fanclub (I think it just means my membership has been renewed automatically for at least 3 consecutive years), I was able to acquire decent tickets at an indecent price to Mariah Carey's concert in February for the "Angels Advocate" tour. I almost hesitated, almost, but...I'M A LAMB FOR LIFE. And I'm making Mordecai escort me. I went to a Skinny Puppy concert once. He hasn't seen Mariah with me. Therefore, he must escort me before she starts a family. QED.
  • The kotatsu is back, so I nest in the living room, nurturing a paper, my progress in Assassin's Creed 2, nailpolish, and some baseball cards. I got a couple of 2009 redemptions from Topps (not 2008 Stadium Club): Gordon Beckham and Andrew McCutchen red hot rookies. Finest redemptions are supposedly going to be shipped soon, so hopefully Dexter Fowler's autographed patch comes soon. No photo of the kotatsu right now; the nest is too much of a hot mess.
  • On repeat in my head: Lea Michele's/Rachel Berry's rendition of "Don't Rain On My Parade" from the fall finale of Glee. I can't watch "Sectionals" without getting all choked up! I've been meaning to go over Kurt's wardrobe but...I have until the start of next season in April. I must see Lea Michele perform live once before I die.


wes said...

assassin's creed 2??

you should play through resident evil 5 (and get all the secrets) it's very metal gear solid-esque but a little easier. with zombie-like infected people

kei said...

I like the fake Italian accent and the 15th century Italy environments. The thing that got me was the commercial music, lol.

emma said...

love your blog, keep updating! :D and YES!!!! watch lea live is a lifegoal for sure. glee in my gleeish heart! rachel in my gleeish heart! cant wait for the new episodes.

Richard said...

did you like it??

and is that you taking the pic at the alicia key's concert?? she (and her music) is so sexy. i wish i could say the same about a mariah concert titled "angels advocate tour". poor mordecai.

hm, not that i am a hater if he for some reason is actually a fan.

kei said...

I should have noted that the AKeys photo is a screenshot from the bonus features on the "deluxe" edition of her album, only available at Target.

I did like Metropolis, I especially like its location, how it's off to the side in a not very busy location.

I think Mordecai is fan at least to the extent that both he and Mariah escaped Long Island for probably not too dissimilar reasons.