Saturday, July 25, 2009

Irritable Planning Syndrom

I may sound bitter, but I like to think that I'm just telling it like it is.
  • From a to-do calendar on wedding planning, this one line irritates me to no end, such that I've stopped looking at this calendar for advice. What reason do Martha Stewart editors have for putting the song in this line? Why would they think this reason is a good one?
  • There is some video going around on YouTube that has gathered over 2 million hits, in which an entire wedding party goes down the procession while dancing to Chris Brown's "Forever." I'm not sure why I even sat through two minutes of the video, and I refuse to link to it here. I know I sound like a pure hater, but I have legit reasons for being critical. First of all, I'm offended by the song/artist choice. Second, Cedric the Entertainer came up with this idea, but in a much better form, in "Kings of Comedy." (Or as Steve Harvey says, "Kangs of Comedy.") See the first minute or so of this clip, and more if you wish to have a good laugh:

He does it better than that entire train of rhythmically challenged people BY HIMSELF.

I think I could watch the Kangs over and over and over again, knowing what jokes and lines are coming up, and I'd still never get sick of them.

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