Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday: Lookin' Good, Feelin' Good


On Sunday, Mordecai and I went to Michigan Avenue to run some errands. We've been down here every weekend for the past couple of weeks. I especially like the little area right around the John Hancock building, because there are lots of rich little old ladies with small dogs who wear these "I don't give a fuck" outfits--like in the winter, it'll be fur coats and sneakers. These ladies above on the left, however, most certainly gave a fuck when they got dressed in the morning. What was even more awesome was that the woman on the left representing the primary colors had a Forever 21 shopping bag.

I don't know what kind of outfit it is that I concocted when I got dressed yesterday, but I wanted to pair my Frye boots with shorts because all the Japanese girls in the girly magazines do it. I also busted out my Nodame shirt, which I got last summer at this York store that provided the wardrobe for the Nodame Cantabile live action drama series. It's funny, the minute it starts to warm up, I completely forgive and forget about Chicago's fierce winters. Bring on the heat!

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