Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have been sort of neglecting this blog, mostly because I'm obsessed with baseball and also because I have other duties, like giving a presentation on Hegel. Yikes. But now that we got that out the way...

I have been toying with the idea of starting my own baseball blog even though I occasionally contribute to Third Base or Bust. Baseball has taken over my life, and I feel my heart and head will soon implode if I don't channel this energy properly. I don't want to impose my nonsensical and rather selfish fantasy ramblings on the audience of Third Base or Bust (namely my hatred towards the team "arbitup" and my anger at their manager, ANDY). But I imagine that what I post on this other baseball blog of mine would not be all that inappropriate for Third Base or Bust, either. I'm not quite sure what to do yet though, so I'll still think about it. Afterall, there are still twenty-something more weeks of fantasy baseball. This is only the second week of the season! It feels like ten seasons went by last week.

In the meantime, I will work on my post about the real Poppersteins.


Jenni said...

I know what you mean! If I wrote a blog post on TBOB for every Fantasy moment that made me mad enough to want to write a blog post on TBOB, that blog would be 300 pages long, by now.

I almost signed up for Twitter as a stopgap measure.

There has to be a productive forum into which we can channel our collective Fantasy rage, no?

kei said...

Join us on Twitter!!! Mordecai Joe and I are on. Mordecai rarely updates, but with more people from our league on Twitter, he might start smack talking.

In the meantime I will continue thinking about this issue now that I know I am not entirely alone!

Joe said...

i agree with jenni
i vote for new blog

with nothing but fantasy-friendly commentary
yahoo league page is pretty horrible for that sort of thing

currently angry that i was outbid on a greinke autograph a couple of months ago
for less than $3
and the seller gave me a second chance offer
at my high bid
but i declined since i was already over the $20 limit i had placed on myself from him

and now hes cy greinke