Monday, April 06, 2009

Birthday Party Highlights

I am technically no longer on Spring Break, but my mind is still in break mode. Here are some highlights of two weekends ago, one of the best but least remembered weekends of all time. Thank goodness for cameras.

Thug mugs abound. Somehow mine got inflated a little.

Jeffrey Campbell MEL in action! Excuse the toes, they're kinda squished. But really, who has sexy toes?

Nar looks nonchalant about the wetness of parts of his pants and the state of his seat. I think the expression on Mordecai's face best captures his condition throughout the evening: despite being unable to see/recall anything, he's still extremely cheerful.

No one remembers this. Somehow, Joe ended up on passed out on the floor, I ended up sitting and sprawling on him while brushing my teeth, and at some point, I got my own camera to take photos of Nik climbing up our hallway walls. I like how Amit is framing the picture on the right, his hands exclaiming "WHY?" How does he have the capacity to attempt making sense of insanity as it's happeing? This must have been Amit, pre-UV Lemonade chugging.

There was only one other female present at this party, and she was designated driver. All others had to decline the offer to join us. Why do girls gotta be ambitious and hardworking? Or not in Chicago? What does that say about me? Thus, we end up with slapping matches and wrestling rumbles. Notice Joe injured on the sidelines.

I think Amit is yelling at Joe about "cheating" in Fantasy sports, though really, it's just meticulous stat tracking that no one else cares or knows enough about to do. As far as I understand the people in this picture, I think it depicts everyone and their personalities quite accurately. Shirtless but pleased; seemingly angry but really, just destroyed; disgruntled; chill. Mordecai is passed out at this point, and notice that Shaun is also MIA.

The night/early morning ended in vomit, lettuce, snow, and Meijer. The next day I was greeted at the door with a gas bill and the lease renewal.

Some other important cameos and events to note: Jamie sprinkled the kitchen counter with candy for me and I think there's a Blue Raspberry Mad Dog 20/20 for Joe in the fridge as well; his roommate Toru sat in the corner reading "Nana," absorbed as anyone ought to be if they got caught up in that story; and Sean graced us not only with his presence, but with an EXTREMELY CHOCOLATEY cake and goggles from the future. They deflect bullets futuristically, but not hangovers and post-Spring Break blues! Damn, summer where are you?


kira said...

bawww i am a female who wishes she could have been there! and kei you look hot as hayewww in that dress & heelz! "damn, girl."

kei said...


Joe said...

somehow ive completely missed this post entirely

ima steal the 6d glasses pic for my facebook profile at some point

how many females were even on the guest list
i contributed nothing to that end
actually i was too lazy to invite shaun and co myself

im not sure if i should be offended
or honored
to be described as 'shirtless but pleased'

mad dog 20/20?
outside of some some wc lyrics i have no knowledge of it
also rasp is possibly my most hated of berries
maybe blueberry
so blue raspberry can only be worse