Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oji Afternoon

It's looking like Oji isn't the brightest dog in recent years. I opened a bag of Cheetos and ate some, but he didn't hear or smell them from the distance. He doesn't understand doorbells and doesn't understand what guests are. I walked into the house the other day, and was basically standing behind him until he acknowledged my presence. Bad guard dog!

He's also pretty tolerant of shenanigans. My mom pets him with her feet, mushing his muzzle and face, and yesterday she claims she vacuumed his head and neck, the latter of which he seems to have enjoyed very much.

Today was a home alone day for him, but I had some time to let him out in the back yard and whatnot. He enjoys human company a lot, even if he has to settle for less than my dad. We hung out late this afternoon, though that mostly consisted of me sleeping off my small but persistent cold and him lying around waiting for my dad to come home.

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wes said...

oji's eyes in the third picture seem a little too human to be a dog's