Friday, November 07, 2008

For Joe

I can never remember Joe's hierarchy of dessert companies, but I feel that Little Debbie must be in there somewhere above mediocre. I'm not sure if this particular koala counts as above endearing for him, but Miss Debbie and Marcos Ambrose certainly did their best.

(Mordo's in the background checking out corn meal mush in a tube.)


Joseph said...

couple of questions
is the koala a little debbie thing
or the race car drivers?
are they hawking a specific product
or some sweepstakes?

ill have to be on the lookout next time im at my local jewel
although im pretty sure they will not have a little debbie standup display
they do however have a coke display very similar to the ncaa final four one (i think i saw) at your cub foods a few years ago
this coke one just says 'go hawks' though

kei said...

I'm assuming that somehow, the koala is a Marcos Ambrose thing because he's Australian. I don't think they were trying to introduce a new product because I remember seeing all the normal products, but maybe there was some sweepstakes thing? It was over by the dairy section, kind of randomly placed (or maybe it was strategic, as in they hope you will pick up some Swiss Rolls while you get milk, which would go with the Rolls).