Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Weekend

Our contributions to rebuilding the U.S. economy

Yesterday, Target offered Mordecai a 750GB Western Digital external hard drive for $88.88, and "Gremlins" and "Batman Begins" for $3.99. Best Buy tried to get rid of sold Guns-N-Roses' new album, "Chinese Democracy," for $11.99, and we also got the special edition (as opposed to the mere widescreen edition) of "The Departed" for $6.99.

Today, the quest for bargains continued. American Eagle had these scratch-n-discount cards, so I got 20% off of a long sleeved t-shirt I'd been needing since I can no longer wear short sleeved t-shirts indoors without something over it. We then moved on to NYC Bagel Deli and ordered 4 bagels, but they gave us a giant bag of 18 bagels. I believe this had nothing to do with Black Friday/Saturday but was more about getting rid of soon-to-be-stale bagels before closing. Later, at Jo-Ann's, I got a bunch of fabric for 50% off (I plan to DIY American Apparel's circle scarf). And Microcenter had USB wireless keyboards for some discounted rebate thing, which may or may not be kept depending on online options. This was bought basically for Animal Crossing, so I don't have to use the Wiimote to "type" (pain in the ass) or move the sensor bar so that I can continue to lie down and play. Which inevitably leads to falling asleep, but there is nothing better than an Animal Crossing-induced slumber.


Jenni said...

Dear Kei,

I just watched The Departed and I LOVED IT.

As for shopping, I got a sweater at an online sample sale and some discounted hand lotion from the Kiehl's website. Then, I ventured into the real world and got a used copy of Marcuse's "THE AESTHETIC DIMENSION." Not sure if that last purchase will 1) help the economy, or 2) help my life, but well, there it is.

Not getting to go shopping with you in NYC is, like, the Worst.


kei said...

I loved The Departed too! I'm not exactly sure why--I need to watch it again, but Mordecai hid the DVD because it is apparently a Hanukkah present.

I wish you could show us Brooklyn, uncharted territory! I'm afraid my NYC finds are going to be dominated by Muji and Uniqlo items, which, while satisfying, won't all that exciting. I'll post the results though!