Saturday, November 22, 2008

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Following in the footsteps of Joe, I will post random pictures and comments about the new Animal Crossing.

Mordecai and I went out of our way to secure it last Saturday night at Meijer out in Rolling Meadows. Meijer is open 24 hours, and they released it at midnight. There were some other kids waiting for the game man to deliver the goods, but they didn't really look like Animal Crossing types. I thought this one young girl who ran up to the games was going to be aboard our ship, but she ran past the Wii games and pointed gleefully at Imagine: Fashion Designer. Our ship turned out to be kind of lonely. At least I got a few Lion bars out of the trip as an added bonus.

Starting (or re-starting) a game is always kind of difficult. I hate working part-time for Tom Nook again, and this house is just tragic. Not having millions of bells at my disposal is difficult. I originally had the nasty haircut (the tri-ponytail), and this mint gingham check shirt is boring. But I was able to acquire some items from the city to spice things up--check out that trench and the bunny balloon! Notice that I also learned to keep my Nook shirt.

The trench is for gloomy British-like days; I needed an everyday outfit. Gracie's Grace featured the tuxedo and this white R. Kelly-Zorro-like mask, so I fished enough crap to acquire the bells necessary. I also got my shoes "shined," which doesn't necessarily mean adding sparkle to the boring red shoes. You can get new shoes! Nevermind the house; must look good!

Initially I didn't understand the simplicity of the picture-taking feature, so I was sitting in front of the TV with my camera. But today I started snapping photos within the game. Is mushroom picking seasonal!? You can eat them!

I've been stingy with my fossils and fish. It's so sad to see Blathers sad, but I want money more than I want to help him with his museum. I bought a Basic Painting from Redd today but it turned out it was fake. Damn!

Who is that character immortalized in the fountain? Is there a sad story behind it?


Joseph said...

if not for you asking about the games availability the week before its release
this probably wouldve remained off my radar until sometime next month
and i prolly would have picked up the next tomb raider or valkyria chronicles instead

so i cant thank you enough for that

do the balloons have a lifespan? i got a y bunny one and a bubble wand from the prize man
but those went directly into storage

someone in my town insulted me for running around in my work shirt
so only now have i finally moved on to something different
currently a splendid shirt since i dont seem to recall its existence
or just never got it in wild world

i think mushrooms exist only until the end of the month

do you have your wii set up in 4:3 or are you cropping pictures?
i just noticed on my tv when setting up the wii again that it wont display the widescreen properly on the input where you can use component or composite cables
but i faintly remember playing smash widescreen many months back at your crib

kei said...

Even if you didn't get it and played something else, I'd probably continuously send you screenshots of the game so that you'd play. I saw Friga in my city square today, so I know there would be enough bait to lure you back.

The balloons don't seem to have a lifespan, it's still floating well in my house.

The first two pictures were taken with my camera, and I fixed them in Photoshop because they were all crooked. The rest of the pictures are taken by the game, which are not cropped and don't appear to be in 4:3 but I like your pictures in widescreen format. I'm not sure how that works, I'll have to get Mordo to set it up right. He joined my town last night!

How often does Gracie's get updated? I'm getting sick of Labelle showing me the same crap every day. That high end furniture is bananas.

Joseph said...

my input1 can take composite or component cables (maybe svideo too im not sure)
when the wii is hooked up there it refuses to display in widescreen
but then your tv is newer/greater than mine in all aspects so you may not encounter that problem

but on input3 it only takes component and displays widescreen properly

the widescreen is just an option in wii settings>display

i havent bought anything from gracies so no idea
just peek in to see if theres any random shoppers there

also i spent two hours creating/formatting that spreadsheet i was telling you about earlier

and then none of the last four people in my town came by to shop

Jenni said...

Maddie and I revisited our Gamecube towns in celebration of this post. So many weeds! And the neighbors didn't miss me as much as I'd hoped. SNOBS.

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