Thursday, October 16, 2008


Rock Band evenings usually entail ordering food. By process of elimination, it seems that Sarpino's has won our hearts. I think it was just their regular pizzas that got us all first, then the creamy garlic sauce for some, then the cheesy bread

Sarpino's cheesy breadsticks. Flash photo inspired by Joe's food photos.

This is the 10 inch cheesy breadsticks from a few nights ago when I didn't feel like making or waiting for food to be made. It's really just a light-cheese pizza with the sauce on the side. The cheese is a little singed; the bread is perfectly crispy; you can determine the amount of sauce. Heaven!


wes said...

i think i gained a pound just looking at that.. let me check

yup, i did

Joseph said...

i order from the one by montrose/ashland

one time i got onion rings and they turned out extremely soggy
as they had used the foil container/paper top that you fold the containers edge over
allowing none of the steam to escape

so i tried again a week later
and opened the container in the car to allow for ventilation

nope, still soggy; it doesnt seem as though they fry them at all

i cant think of any other pizza place that carries tiramisu though

kei said...


Joseph said...

wasnt ofame primarily a sit down restaurant
if so it doesnt count

thinking more about sarpinos
i think their cheesesticks are pretty generic
dominos still is tops in that department in my mind
but i do like that their sausage seems to be in sliced link form
as opposed to the balls that most places have
i want to say that they are also a bit concave
but that may be my imagination