Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08

Our pumpkin has evolved from last year.

We got our Christmas tree from this nomadic-ish guy at California and Diversey last winter, so I was excited that the same guy was selling pumpkins. I like to support his overpriced but seemingly authentic business.

Mordecai built in some nostrils and one fang with his manly power tools. Notice how the nostrils and fang are like mine--two dots, sharp.

It is on display in our window for people entering our building to see. It is not nearly as elaborate or conceptual as Jenni's though. Everyone should check that out!

Happy Halloween!


Joseph said...

the one behind mordecai looks like a pickle (or at least what i think a full pickle would look like)
or is it cucumber

regardless packers jacket=no respect

kei said...

I actually had a solo picture of that pickle-ish pumpkin. It was warty and scary.

I figure he's from the woods of Wisco where the xmas trees are fresh enough to dupe city people into paying too much, and the pumpkins are either round enough or picklish enough to dupe them into paying extra when they could just go to Strack and Van Til for the same products, half the price.