Monday, September 22, 2008

Bag Voyeurism

A number of people have responded to my request to show the contents of their bags: Wesley, Mordecai (unearthed the blog!), Jenni (second comment), Richard, and Phoebe (I am glad our bond continues with shiny bags and eyeliners). I don't know what this amounts to or if we can make anything of these posts, but I like to know these quotidian facts about people (and share my own), especially if I regularly read their blogs (and if people read mine). How I wish I could ask happy blog to show us the contents of her bag, though she already lets us into a good part of her life with her constant updates and photos.


Richard said...

i'm curious who this happy blog person is (and what in the world she talks about)

kei said...

happy blog came to me via my friend Jenni, who came to her via another friend, and the origin beyond that is unknown. She's from Japan but is studying abroad in Canada right now, and seems to be studying linguistics. My guess is that she wants to translate in the future. She used to blog in English (see posts from the beginning of the blog's birth to around pre-August 2008), and her English is pretty good. She's just one of the most random people in the world who I happen to blog-stalk; I really should stop linking to her so much because if she finds out, she will probably be so freaked out. I'm afraid she'd stop blogging! I also know she loves food. Like, a lot.

Jenni said...

Happy Blog pre-Canada was so awesome! Canadian food just isn't that attractive.

Joseph said...

i feel like i need an adjective to compete with happy blog

or i can revert to postscript
but thats just continuing to dwell on past rejections