Saturday, August 16, 2008

UPDATE: "Who is this man? この人誰?" MYSTERY RESOLVED

Left: My photo
Right: From Mizuno

Earlier this month I posted a picture of a man at Narita Airport, unaware of his identity. It turns out that he is not a K-1 or MMA fighter like I guessed, but an OLYMPIC SWIMMER. I was perusing Japanese medals and didn't recognize the swimmer Matsuda Takeshi, so I clicked on his profile. I didn't match him as the guy at the airport immediately, but Mordecai did, pointing to the birthmark on his left cheek. It turns out he swam against Michael Phelps the other night in the 200-meter butterfly (not the 100-meter butterfly where Phelps barely won to the Serbian guy) and won the bronze medal. We're the same age! Even Perez Hilton dropped his name in a Michael Phelps post! He's an Olympian medalist! He's my new favorite Olympian swimmer! WOW!

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thetiniestspark said...

ha! sa-WEET find, tapiosister!! we've both had some illustrious airport run-ins as of late (see today's entry), and i'm thrilled you solved your own mystery. i'll bet you feel wicked empowered right now. HI MORDECAI!