Friday, June 06, 2008

Tadaaki Wakamatsu Macaroon Necklace

Yesterday I went to Tokyo with Naomi to acquire my macaroon necklace. I found out about this necklace by way of the MoMA store, but at the astute advice of Mordecai, I researched the designer’s name, Tadaaki Wakamatsu, and found that he has a store, Q-Pot, the flagship of which lies hidden in Harajuku. I actually had my mom make an international call before I left to reserve one for me to ensure acquisition.

Without Naomi, I probably would’ve been wandering around for hours looking for the store, which is completely buried among residences and other unremarkable stores, behind the main street, sub-main streets, and sub-sub-main streets. I don’t know if they intend to be secretive so as to enhance exclusivity-ness, or if the rent is cheaper behind all the other stores. Their PVC items seemed significantly cheaper than the other non-PVC, probably special metal products, so I highly recommend the ice cream, banana + whip cream, and macaroon items. They had a lot of wisdom teeth designs, but they were expensive and I most certainly didn’t appreciate the reminder that I need to get mine removed at some point in the probably near future. Apparently there is a lot of similar jewelry for cheap everywhere, including DIY kits, but I went for the MoMA-approved macaroon necklace :D

And then today my grandma and I were out and about at the department stores of the Yokohama station. Many purchases were made, including these little expensive suckers! I got chocolate, peach, and passion fruit macaroons.


Mordecai said...

I think they should make passover macaroon jewelery. They would be bland colors and unidentifiable shapes.

thetiniestspark said...

NICE FIND!!!!!!!! those are effing awesome. and they're making me hungry. the blog worlds are aligning today, i just finished reading a post from someone giving a recipe for fast and delicious maccaroons. YUM.

also, mordecai, you're awesome.