Friday, June 20, 2008

Speaking of waiting in line for donuts...

On Wednesday I went to Shinjuku on a whim, and decided to pick up a box of donuts for Naomi et al on a whim. The wait totaled to about 30-40 minutes. My favorite part was that there was a donut guard (top right), who administered the line. I wonder how much he gets paid and if he gets stressed out. Like back at home, they give you a free donut while you wait in line (bottom left); it tasted the same. You can see them making the donuts, just like at the Krispy Kreme out in Rosemont (does it still exist?). I'm not sure if they discard the disfigured and failed ones that flip over and get sugar coating on the wrong side in Tokyo too.


Joseph said...

i like the guards uniform

do you perchance recall what it said on his badge?

kei said...

all i could get is TEISHIN when i zoomed the photo out to its actual size

i googled it and among other things i get this: