Friday, June 27, 2008

Peter Rabbit in Japan

Generally speaking, Isezakicho is a kind of odd place. The first strange thing there that comes to mind is the Snake Store, where they sell strange medicines made from snakes. There's a sign on the door that says to only enter if you are making serious purchases; it's intimidating enough to make you reconsider entering to gawk and then pretending like you didn't find what you were looking for and leaving without saying anything. The other strange sighting I have yet to see but have heard about is our family priest roaming about, lonely and drunk. The other day, I saw this man with his rabbit on a leash. Naturally, people stare and comment on how "kawaii" it is, but it looked really anxious and displaced to me.


wes said...

i get the feeling that the rabbit will only "follow" its owner because it's being dragged... painful.

do u still go into the stores? I still go into the stores and say "i guess you dont have what i was looking for."

Joseph said...

rabbits always look anxious and displaced

my jamaican friend had one and i thought it would chew my hand off

and usually im good with cuddly rodents

Mordecai said...

I like his hat. Go Bay Stars! (They have a 20-46 record)

wes said...

actually.. the rabbit isn't a rodent it's a lagomorph