Monday, June 30, 2008

Pedometer Purchase

Jenni introduced me to this random Japanese girl’s blog. She appears to be Japanese, but writes all her posts in near-impeccable English. My hypothesis is that she’s studying at maybe Aoyama Gakuin in Shibuya to translate in the future, so the blog is her personal language exercise. A while back she wrote about how she got a pedometer and how she walks a lot around in Tokyo. Inspired, I bought a pedometer at Yodobashi Camera the other day. It counts how many steps I take, and apparently it also tells me how many kilocalories I burn as a result of my walking. I wanted it to record and confirm that I walk a lot more in Japan than in Chicago, and by how much. Also, it’s to replace the Pikachu pedometer I once had my freshman year of high school, which ended up on the CTA train tracks. The blame went to Vinh, who was borrowing it for some reason, but it turned out the person who actually caused it to end up on the tracks was none other than Nik. If I complain, I’ll look like the asshole, so let me leave it at this: Pedometer Pikachu lived a fulfilling life and died a brave, noble death.

Anyway, I walk a lot—I usually exceed 10,000 steps, which may sound like nonsense to most people who never even think about how many steps they take in a day. But the other day, I surpassed 20,000 steps, and my feet died. But it turns out meandering doesn’t burn many calories, especially if you stop for a McFlurry and a dorayaki back to back and come home before dinner completely full :D

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Jenni said...

I had that Pikachu pedometer too!