Friday, May 09, 2008


Yesterday I decided to personify my favorite flavor of soda and candy: grape. The boots are from the past, around 1998 or so. I'm not sure why I got them, as I had never been a big fan of purple or pseudo-metallic fabric, and only recall wearing them once back then. A decade later, they've returned to my feet, to gather comments, stares, and one classmate wanting to steal them.

In honor of this outfit, Mordecai took me out to Mr. Sub. I got a hot dog, fries, and Grape Crush. I know Mr. Sub doesn't mess around with grape soda. Afterwards we walked around Logan Boulevard to "exercise" (maybe it counts as "physical therapy"?), but only to collect more calories in the form of coffee and chai tea at the Starbucks on California.

I thought of getting Skittles yesterday to count how many grape Skittles there are in a given bag. I really think they're underrepresented, though I don't have an exact theory of why yet. Instead, my co-TA gave me a grape Dum-Dum he found on the ground somewhere on campus. It was flagged with a quote from John of the Gospel, and it turned out that it was from the peeps at West Loop UBF. Shout out to UBF! (Hi Abe!)


mordecai said...

i like lemon.

h37S3M said...

i second the lemon

Jenni said...

Are you wearing a hooded-sweatshirt-shorts one-piece combo? If so, where can I get one?

kei said...

You lemondheads.

Jenni: I know it looks like shorts, but it's just a hoodie-dress-one-piece thing, from American Apparel. They have few color choices to choose from. It turns out Utada Hikaru is wearing the exact same one in her new video. Join us! It's super comfy.

thetiniestspark said...

gah! i miss the pumpkin-flavoured tall soy latte at that particular starbuck's, they know how to do it so right. ooh, and walking there and back with my dogs getting blinded by snowstorms the whole way.

have you been to wolfbait yet, at the logan blvd/fullerton intersection? great wee boutique with all handmade stuff, awesome clothes, bitchin' shop owners, and a tiny shop dog named "chainsaw."