Monday, May 19, 2008

Lincoln Park Day

Today we went to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. There are no pictures of zoo animals because my camera battery died, but here are some other photos from the other places.

This looks cool, but structurally unsound.

Here is a special duck or waterfowl of some sort. It looks more regal than your average Chicago duck, the speckled brown ones or the green headed ones. When I was little, my mother collected the crusts of breads I would reject, and we'd take them to a pond probably not too far from this one, and feed the ducks.

There were these nice cherry blossoms, so pink they look like they would reek of Fanta Strawberry or something equally artificially sweet.

Tree bark. When my dad first went to Japan with my mother and me, he'd often fall behind everyone because he'd stop to take a gazillion pictures. I remember distinctly one time when he disappeared, and we all stopped to ask where he was. We found him directly up against some random tree, taking close ups of its bark.

Here's another one, but with vertical lines and orangish-brownish colors.

At the Conservatory, I walked out of the Fern Room and the first thing I noticed after taking a breath of fresher-than-Fern-Room-air was this woman's stockings. And then I realized she was painting her nails some gaudy pink color that vaguely matched her equally gaudy, furry top. I think I was both appalled and impressed by her behavior. And then Mordecai pointed out that that bench is dedicated to a Kei Roth.

At this point my camera battery was not going to come back to life even if I rubbed it between my hands, so I was not able to take pictures of: a droopy camel hump; a rhinoceros' behind and its contents unloading; shivering and diving penguins; a regal lion basking in the sun; a jaguar pacing back and forth, licking its lips while eying two ducks outside of its cage thingie; a wonderful tiger peeing and pacing around; and random primates. Too bad!


h37S3M said...

the picture of the bark that's brown-orange look like a dead tree.

Mordecai said...

It's a wood duck!