Thursday, May 22, 2008

Film Location

They seem to be filming "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Logan Square. My mom told me that they had been filming at the Uptown National Bank, and when we saw "No Parking -- Filming" signs up in our neighborhood, I thought it might be the same movie. Mordecai got confirmation from a police officer patrolling Schubert and Francisco, a block away from our apartment. I guess if you put one of these old school vehicle in front of a nice greystone, you get a 1930's scene going on. They should've picked my parents' house! Then again, Francisco has a lot more greystones than Richmond or Whipple.

Security wasn't that tight, I guess because there weren't a lot of people around; it was also pretty chilly today. I think we could've scooted up a little closer to the crew and scene, and actually have seen Mr. Depp's head or something. A giant black Yukon pulled up in the middle of the street while we were lurking, and based on sudden girly screams and camera flashes, I'm guessing he showed his face or something. The Yukon drove right past us, heading towards the boulevard--we were so close to him, if even separated by tinted windows!

Then the old school cars lined up and left. We saw one of them creating traffic on the boulevard, from what seemed like frequent stalling. Mordecai asked the other day, "Where do you think Johnny Depp is staying?" His mother guessed the Drake, his father the Raddison O'Hare, and my guess is the Trump Tower. Or whatever the most European hotel we have in the city--I hear he likes France.


h37S3M said...

they also converted one block on lincoln and fullerton at the biograph to the early era. it's pretty cool. i drove by it twice yesterday as they were building their sets. didnt have my camera at the time though. go check it out. its quite nice

Richard said...

someone showed me this new show in korea that's like a fake "newlyweds",

i thought you'd be interested because alex is in one of the couples.