Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recent Acquisition

I bought a piano recently, and it was delivered today. It is a 1977 Baldwin with light action, but a nice sound.


happyfeet said...

Now you're smart!

h37S3M said...

Teach your children the piano. I'll teach my kids the cello, piano, and/or violin. Then there can be some good duets and such

Richard A. Choi said...

congrats! i didn't know you were interested in piano... what happened to violin

mae. said...

(Yeah, I'm futzing around online instead of doing anything serious ...)
In no time your students will come over for dinner parties and marvel at the really complicated scores.

kei said...

happyfeet: Wait until you hear me jam with Matt's falsetto and Emily's pipes.

Wesley: Your children are going to be strange.

Richard: I have the utmost respect for the violin but we weren't meant to be. Our on-and-off relationship was too much to bear. Come play the intro to "Still D.R.E." please.

Mae: Thanks! Good thing I'll have time to develop my skills before dinner parties with students.