Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye, 2007!

I'm going to pause and reflect on 2007 only because it is ending on a pretty high note (that was a Wesley joke). High- and lowlights of the year:

-First couple weeks of 2007 spent in Japan
-Acquisition of the Wii
-Spontaneous pneumothorax
-Awesome boss, good times at JRL 170
-Spontaneously started up piano
-Upgraded materialistic living conditions
-OMG graduate school
-Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, Guitar Hero, Rock Band
-Lost my signing-in-public virginity to the Rock Band vocal part of the Killer's "When You Were Young"

And now I'll be stocking that Belgian raspberry beer at Trader Joe's for whatever might be in store for tonight.


h37S3M said...

I have yet to sing in public. Someday people will be graced with such euphony.

Richard A. Choi said...

happy new year kei

Joseph said...

i cant speak for raj
(or for nar or nik really)
but i think thats the most pure and unadulterated joy youll ever see on our faces at the same time

Jenni said...

"[W]hatever might be in store for tonight" indeed.