Monday, November 19, 2007

Boyz II Men!

They're back (again)! They have a Motown cover album, including a new rendition of "End of the Road." I only heard about this album as a result of downloading a Japanese music show, Music Fair, last week. I thought I'd provide some screen caps, because no one does musical performance sets like the Japanese. (Maybe it's just Americans who don't have shows like this, and therefore sets like this.)

They performed a snippet of "Just My Imagination," where Wanya got the line "Every night, on my knees I pray..." Here he is on his knees, while Nathan and Shawn console and provide backup coos.

They translated the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Here is Wanya singing "But in reality, she doesn't even know me..." I had to get a close up of his buttery head and neck. I was instantly reminded of when Cedric the Entertainer sings and dances on stage in Spike Lee's "Kings of Comedy" (or "Kangs," as one might say).

Here they're performing "Reach Out I'll Be There" originally by the Four Tops. I hear this song a lot on peripheral, adult-oriented radio stations like 100.3 Love FM or 106.3 and 102.7, who play a lot of old school stuff. All their vocals and dance moves are on point, so much that I wished they released a DVD instead of a CD. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll be touring in Chicago anytime soon :(

Unfortunately, Nathan forgot to keep his legs apart at the end. It's okay, Boss! They also performed "I'll Make Love to You" with AI but I'll save everyone the horror of having to look at her face (it's all in the bangs). She was alright, but clearly nervous and awkward singing about making love in the presence candles, wine, and clothes thrown on the floor. Instead I have bonus footage of lame-o Exile, who looked and sounded especially pathetic next to the Almighty Boyz II Men:

Mordecai asked, "Did that guy get brain surgery or something?" of the right singer. That man needs to take those damn sunglasses off, grow his hair back and wipe that soy sauce off his upper lip.

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