Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Acorn Festival

I feel lame blogging from a tea cafe, but at least I had a relatively productive day. Plato and I are buddies--I know he don't hate on women.

Across a plethora of DS consoles world-wide this week, many Animal Crossing players are celebrating the Acorn Festival. I've been looking forward to this for a long time because I like festivals, and for this one, you have access to special "mush" items (so you can make a "mush-room" in your house--GET IT?!). Tortimer, dressed as "Cornimer," gives you the items for gathering a certain number of the acorns. There are a variety of acorns, who knew? Round, small, large, normal, and rotten. If you give him a rotten one, he gets mad.

[Some Japanese acorns from some Japanese blog]

[Rotten acorn!]

Tipper, my big-headed cow neighbor, pointed out that there aren't any oak trees in our town, so where do the acorns come from? Turns out that huge head isn't for nothing. In any case, now I want to find and collect real acorns.

[I could make Totoro acorns]

In the Japanese classic "Totoro," Mei collects acorns that the mini-Totoros have left behind. Where can I get acorns in Chicago?! Could there be Chicagoan Totoros?!

[From the "Republic of Acorns"]

The arrival of the Acorn Festival means that my anniversary with Animal Crossing is approaching. Joe started playing before me, around this time now. He then told me that Animal Crossing was the shit, and I decided to give it a second try after giving up half a year before. I'm not sure whe the exact day was that I started playing again, but since that date X, I've never gone a day without playing for at least a few minutes. The vicissitudes of life in Humania are sometimes just as extreme and harsh as "real life," but holy crap, this is the greatest game ever.


Richard A. Choi said...

how do you say acorn in japanese? in korean in sounds kinda like totoro: "doh toh ree"

nothing wrong with blogging from free wi-fi cafes, we can do it together sometime haha.

thetiniestspark said...

ok, that game sounds effing awesome and you really need to show it to me when i'm home for christmas. plus i know that nothing would light up ryan's face more than seeing me actually enjoy a video game. he loves them so. you could show both of us the wonders of animal crossing nation!

Jenni said...

Those Totoro acorns are soooooo good.

Joseph said...

although i think an acorn was in fact the first thing i ever picked up in the animal crossing universe, somehow i missed tortimer. i must've started playing towards the end of the festival.
having said that, i was lucky to be introduced to the game by way of 'moving' into marie's already bustling town, filled with neighbors, plants, and trees (although no peach or cherry ones yet). i quickly grew fond of chief, a mean fox would would end up moving out of marie's town less than a week later (much to my dismay), and friga, a snooty penguin who i am proud to say currently resides in my town. also pudge. everyone loves pudge.
when i would later purchase my own game around the new year, joetopia was a very sad place at the beginning, up to about maybe a week once all the neighbors moved in. you start out with a pretty empty town: a few trees and flowers, a shack of a town store, and i want to say only one neighbor, but the game might actually give you more, i don't actually remember. surely had i not already been introduced to the wonders of animal crossing beforehand, i wouldve thought of the game as rubbish and gone back to high definition breasts on the xbox360.