Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A rainy day in Humania

Yesterday it rained hard in my Animal Crossing town, Humania. There was thunder, ephemeral flashes of lightening, and pouring rain. When I went inside a building or a house, I could still hear the rain beating on the rooftop; I like this attention to detail Nintendo bothered to consider. I was hoping to catch another coelacanth, since they're supposedly only catchable when it's raining or snowing, but all I got were stupid sea bass.

I'm still pretty peeved about Lucky's sudden move. I wrote him a letter, I begged him to stay. What more did the mummified dog want!? I also can't believe he had the Zelda sword in his house, and that I was unable to acquire it through the monthly flea market. I suspect he hid it, or the game made such a rare and valuable item "disappear."

I wanted to take a picture of me talking to Cube--you can see his cute figure, sad eyes, umbrella, and a closeup of my special crown (1 million bells, bitches!), and a side view of my umbrella, which is in the shape of a leaf. But then I noticed that the umbrella is out in the view; normally, when you talk to your neighbors, you put whatever you have in your hands back into your pockets. I didn't realize the anomaly until I was reviewing the pictures. Maybe Cube had called my attention, I approached him, and didn't have to put my umbrella away. Hmm.

Bonus footage: I've been playing Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations. I'm sad to say that not much in my life, past and present, amounts to the drama, awesomeness, and purpose that are encapsulated in this series. And I can't believe Detective Dick Gumshoe has stuck around so long, and finally, he's coming through--he just saved my ass from getting schooled by the fake, scary Phoenix Wright! He likes weenies.


Paul said...

What is this hilarious game?

Miyachi Misa is my teacher. She's good. The alphabets were hard, but I don't think we're actually gonna cover that much this quarter. I'm pretty sure the final is a spoken self-introduction and then some written vocab and grammar. Yeah, Korean was slow like that, too.

thetiniestspark said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH that weenie quote is PRICELESS OMGGGGGGGG. I think i could be down with a video game like that. there may be hope for me yet.

Jenni said...

One of your Animal Crossings neighbors had the Master Sword in his HOUSE? That's nuts.