Friday, September 19, 2008

The contents of my soul

Sometime last year (I can't find the post), I mentioned that I was going to disclose the contents of my bag on a random day. In Japanese Seventeen magazines, models are asked to show their personal bags and what's inside them. I've also seen this on a TV show in Japan, where the host looks at guests' cell phones, planners, wallets, and how much cash they're carrying at that moment.

Lately I've seen "fashion bloggers" do this voluntarily. Unlike Seventeen and this Japanese show, the bloggers neatly lay out the contents on a nice background to make things easier to see. But also unlike the Japanese predecessors, they don't really talk about their stuff. I've taken my inspiration for this post from both sources.

I have many bags, and I can never really stick to one. Lately, I've been using this one I bought in Japan this past summer, though it is by golfer Arnold Palmer. He has a line of cute, kind of preppy-but-fun line for young women called Arnie, which I have never seen in the States. I think this line is good especially in the summer--imagine sipping lemonade+iced tea+vodka cocktails, lazily playing golf, hanging out at beach resorts. Arnie has everything you're imagining wearing in such a world.

Here are the contents, minus the camera. From the bottom left, readings: David Lewis on subsistence, James Tully on democracy, and Robert Almeder on the evidence for life after death (!!!). My Moleskine notebook I've had since graduating college; clearly, I don't use it that much. On it are my pen and chapsticks. Below the notebook are three acorns from a Studio Ghibli store in Yokohama--if you recall, I was obsessed with acorns last fall, and this summer I finally got my hand on some Japanese-style ones. My iPod, water bottle, keys, and a pack of tissue I got for free in Japan (they hand them out as advertisements). Above that is my Domo-Kun makeup case, the contents of which will be unveiled below. My wallet is by Hobo International. Oh, there's only $1.09 in change and a yen in there. My phone is the pink Chocolate by LG for which Hilary Duff briefly advertised two years ago. And then my shopping acquisitions for today: Judas Priest-y earrings from Forever 21 and pyramid studded bracelet from Brooklyn Industries.

I used to be quite minimal about makeup (I lived by only Hard Candy's Galaxy eyeliner and Max Factor mascara for seven years), but the contents of my cases are growing.

From the left: I use Covergirl Volume Exact waterproof mascara, advertised by Queen Latifah. When I'm lazy, I use Visée liquid eyeliner, advertised by Koda Kumi. Next to that is my eyebrow pencil. I reluctantly use this crappy Aveeno chapstick when I have no others. When I have time, I use Shiseido eyeliner that comes in cream form in a pot with a little tough brush applicator. It was recommended to me by the lady at Shiseido, and I love it. Next is my Visée eyeshadow, also advertised by Koda Kumi. The last item in that row is my foundation, from the "d" line at Shiseido. I also asked the Shiseido lady for help with foundation, and she came up with this light powder foundation, good for beginners. Actually, I think I just loved the Shisedo ladies because they were so nice and didn't try to make me buy unnecessary crap. And then the bottom row: eyelash curler, eye drops, Claritin, and pins from Claire's.

This is much lengthier than I thought it would be. Anyway, I invite others to unveil the contents of their bags, purses, satchels, man-purses, and so on (makeup case optional): Mordecai, Kira, Richard, Joe, Wesley, Phoebe, Jenni, and/or anyone else reading this?


wes said...

you shall look into my bag... sooon

Jenni said...

I tend to throw the contents of my bag into random, disorderly piles around my bedroom when I come home at night, but currently in my bag (also by Arnold Palmer!) is:

1. A ticket stub from the Yankees-Indians game I saw in May with Rachel.

2. A key-shaped key chain with no keys on it.

3. W. G. Sebald's "The Emigrants."

4. A check for $525.00 that I can't deposit because I lost my debit card.

5. A dollar, $2.75 in quarters, and a penny.

6. Colored pencils, two of each: yellow, gray, beige.

7. A Muji pen that has exploded.

8. An abandoned 2007 datebook into which I have inserted an old MoMA ticket, an outdated Acconci Studio business card, and a green post-it note bearing the address for a photo developing store in Chelsea.

Things that were in my bag last night but are now on the floor under my desk:

1. Wallet and keys

2. Muji notebook

3. Two cell phones

4. Bertrand Russell's "The Conquest of Happiness" (which I can't honestly recommend)


Broken pens, old calendars, empty key rings...I sound completely insane.

Mordecai said...

as requested

journaler said...

as requested 2, (click my name above)

thetiniestspark said...

i currently have so many things in my regular bag that i haven't unpacked from london that i am using my mom's purse, in which i carry only the basics for now: wallet, pretty and basically defunct itouch, keys. i don't even have a cell phone yet. YEAH SITUATIONAL MINIMALIZM.

Spookygirl said...

I just discovered your blog, and am enjoying your photographs!

I have the same Domo bag, but I keep my Nintendo DS in it :)

Sean P said...

I finally remembered to participate: